Dreary Diaries

Safa Saleh Hosson

صفاء صالح حصن

من أعمال التشكيلية خلود الزوي

من أعمال التشكيلية خلود الزوي

Once upon a morning

I was stalked by a grey-haired man

Who smelled like cigars

And liked girls around the age of his grandchild

With blue jeans

And hair hidden beneath floral scarfs

I had to walk faster

And keep my eyes on the ground

Because that was the thing to do

Once upon a dreary afternoon

I read the diaries of the little child I was

And I felt pure once again

Reminded by all the afternoon games

My sister and I would always play


I realized how everything has changed

Except my appalling handwriting

And I ran to my bed and took a nap

Because that’s how my afternoons are spent now

Once upon an evening

I painted my nails in silence

Read a novella that filled my head

With blossoming flowers and clouds

And I had to turn off the music

Because our neighbor claims it’s haram

Once upon a night

You asked me how my day was

And I answered with ‘fine’

And I sang myself to sleep

Because only when I sleep I feel secure

عن المشرف العام

مشرف عام الموقع: رامز رمضان النويصري// المحرر العام: كريمة الفاسي

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